Pearls, the most uncommon of all natural gems, are a genuine marvel in our oceans. They are found so infrequently, in fact, that a whole year of searching all over the world would uncover or several handfuls at the most! In comparison, Tahiti, North Australia, and Japan produce cultured pearls by the tons, so the wonder of Sulu pearls becomes apparent. To most anyone's amazement, the availability of natural pearls is completely unknown to most of the world. Pearls such as these have long been sought by royalty and the upper echelons of society. The populations' finances have changed so dramatically in the last 100 years that many different people can now afford to own a specimen of this nature. Find out more >


Our role is simply to reveal the romance and history of natural pearls, as well as offer beneficial information and education to aid the potentional collector/owner in discovering some of the instrinsic value possessed by pieces such as these. We intend to help and inform those who live and harvest the treasures of the Sulu Sea, in order to contribute a helpful economic return and provide significantly more motivation to work for these natural wonders. Because they are willing to s hare their gems with us, we will share our riches, nurturing a good business practice (and self respect), in addition to a certain respect for the ecosystem that permits these pearls to come into being.

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